IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program is similar to our PHP in its clinical delivery but is different in its intensity. Our IOP is geared towards individuals that step down from PHP and are ready for more freedom in their weekly schedules. Just like the PHP program, you may participate in our IOP from home if you wish. Our IOP helps individuals have access to:

  • 15 hours per week of group counseling
  • One Individual session per week
  • Monthly medical appointments or as needed
  • Case management
  • Urine drug screening
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Medication assistance and training

How long does it last?

Our PHP program has a curriculum that last 30 days, while our IOP is designed for two to three months. During that time, certain requirements must be met before graduation can occur. The following need to be completed to ensure that your investment level has stayed consistent and that you can finish what you start:

  • Completion of all treatment goals created with the help of your personal therapist
  • Completion of 5th step with sponsor
  • Medical clearance from medical director
  • Staff approved aftercare plan to help set you up for success in your transition
  • Participation in Family Therapy Day
  • Completion of all community treatment expectations with your peers

What’s the goal of our program?

At Liberty Bay, we believe that recovery is a life-long journey. A detox, a 30- or 90-day program, and an aftercare program are just a good start. The key is being ready for change no matter what level of care you are at. Our goal is to strengthen your commitment to change and give you a healthy group of people and skills to get you there. We work hard to gear you up for a lasting recovery full of honesty and fulfillment.