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Trauma therapy can be a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or preemptive to the development of PTSD. In most cases, treatment at a women’s rehab center in Portland, Maine for trauma does not occur until the patient is displaying an apparent inability to adjust to life after the experience. It also occurs when someone is diagnosed with PTSD. In addition, people with PTSD often do not realize it until they start displaying co-occurring problems.

How Trauma Therapy Can Help

Trauma is always processed differently by everyone. If you end up with PTSD due to a traumatic event, there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to resolve the matter for yourself in a different way than you already know how, such as utilizing trauma therapy in Portland, Maine.

For example, if you learned to deal with stress by just ignoring it or drinking, you may have a hard time getting through the processing of the event on your own.

This is why many people turn to alcohol or drugs after a traumatic event or when they have stress. They have no other tools available to cope. Using substances to get through these things is only a temporary fix. If you are stressed out about something, for instance, a family member’s wedding that you are helping with, and you have a drink, that may seem like it is helping you because you are not using alcohol to escape a constant source of stress. You are using it to avoid a one-off.

woman sits on couch across from a counselor in trauma therapy

People that drink or use drugs to escape the stress that never ends can quickly become addicted and end up with more reasons to have stress than they had before. So, as you can see, this is no longer a viable solution.

Additionally, seeking out trauma-informed therapy at a women’s rehab center in Portland, Maine will help you:

  1. Process your past trauma(s)
  2. Learn to deal with stress
  3. Learn to be sober
  4. Live the life that you deserve

What to Expect at a Women’s Rehab Center

At a women’s rehab center in Portland, Maine, you will receive treatment in a specific women’s program. When you first go in, you will go through intake. There, your items will be searched for things that you should not have, like drugs or alcohol.

Some rehabs will go as far as to be sure that all of your bathroom products are alcohol-free. If your favorite hair care products have alcohol in them, maybe look for something alcohol-free that you can use for a short time. The same goes for your makeup and other products.

You should bring comfortable clothing with you as well. You are not going to be going to any fancy dinners or out to any night clubs; this experience should be considered “me time.” Find out what activities you will be doing and dress appropriately. There is no need to bring trunks full of clothes, keep it simple, and everything will be fine.

Your room will probably not look like a room at the Ritz Carlton, but it will be nice enough, and clean. You may or may not share a room, depending on the program you are attending. After all of that, the staff will be professional and help you with things that you need. You are not here for other people to solve your problems, you are here to learn to stand on your own two feet again.

Treatments you will be exposed to at rehab:

  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Alternative therapies (role-playing, music, art)
  • Family therapy

Finding a Women’s Rehab Center

Finding a rehab center that specializes in trauma therapy for women is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Liberty Bay Recovery at 855.607.8758 today. We can help you to get to the other side of what is bothering you and live the life that you deserve.