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Those suffering from mental health disorders or other conditions often find long-term sobriety a challenging endeavor. This is because issues occurring simultaneously require additional effort and stamina on the part of the patient in order to maintain an addiction-free life. Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine offers psychiatric services for those undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

We are able to prescribe and refill medication for anxiety and depression. However, for other mental health concerns, we refer out. Certainly, more severe mental health concerns may arise after you have some time clean and sober. We do our best to find outside psychiatric help while you are receiving treatment.

When a person makes the difficult decision to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, he or she has not yet received a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Most individuals in such circumstances have never received psychiatric assessment when entirely sober. Therefore, following detoxification, one of the first recommendations is typically for one to have such an evaluation, as it will provide an accurate picture of the various factors that may have contributed to the person’s addiction. During such an assessment, physical, emotional, and cognitive factors are measured. After which, a treatment plan is designed with the co-occurring issues taken into consideration.

Psychiatric Services Portland Maine TrustsPsychiatric services Portland Maine can trust overall

In numerous circumstances, codependency and bipolar disorder are factors that fuel addiction. The individual attempts to address the underlying conditions by self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Programs that offer long-term recovery treatment options tackle the challenges of those with co-occurring conditions, such as an addiction with a mental health disorder. Through a combined treatment approach, individuals are better prepared to manage their addictions successfully without resorting to the soothing, but destructive habit of substance abuse once they have completed a rehabilitation program.

A surprising number of individuals are unaware of the fact that they are struggling to overcome not only their addictions, but also mental health problems. Most merely recognize that after abusing a substance, they feel better, and their negative emotions disappear. Such individuals may be struggling to overcome feelings of overwhelming anxiety, high levels of stress, or major depression. This is why they need psychiatric services Portland Maine can trust.

Unfortunately, people facing such problems may not be aware that uncomfortable emotions can be addressed in healthier ways. Resorting to addictive substances almost always provides temporary relief, but, in the long run, substance abuse does nothing more than exacerbate the original problem. Self-medicating is a progressive behavioral pattern where a person gradually abuses larger amounts of certain substances to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms of underlying problems. When a certain amount of time has elapsed, the individual becomes physiologically and psychologically dependent on the substance. Holistic approaches focus on treating the whole person, rather than just one part of his or her life.

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There are myriad reasons to enter Portland Maine mental health services and stop addiction’s destructive cycle. This cycle is one that produces negative consequences. This is not only for the addicted individual, but also for his or her loved ones.

If not treated, addiction is capable of taking everything from a person. In fact, that is precisely what it will eventually do. Call us now at 855.607.8758 to learn more about how Liberty Bay Recovery can help you face your problem and begin to recover from the vicious cycle of addiction.

Regardless of what type of medical coverage you have, be it Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, Humana, Government Employee Health Association (GEHA), Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, ValueOptions, United Medical Resources, (UMR), Providence Health Plans, or even state insurance, we can help you. We also offer numerous affordable self-pay options.

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Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine designs customized treatment programs for every individual. Men and women can enter individual counseling, as well as group therapy. In addition, our discharge planners make arrangements for each individual to have aftercare services once they have left our facility. Individuals can schedule a consultation with the Liberty Bay Recovery team to start their Portland Maine mental health services. Contact us today to begin traveling down the road to recovery.

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