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Detox is an important part of any rehab program. In fact, it’s a platform on which people build addiction recovery. Because of that, visiting a medical detox center is important for treatment to succeed. However, what are the benefits of medical detox, and how does it differ from traditional detox?

Medical Detox vs. Standard Detox

Medical or medically-assisted detox is a form of detoxification that uses medications. It differs from traditional detox, which occurs naturally and without medications. The goal of medical detox is to make it easier to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

In most cases, medical detox takes place in a medical detox center with nurses and doctors. These staff members ensure that the entire process is safe. In fact, medical detox is the safest way that people can detox from drugs.

Benefits of a Medical Detox Center

Couple holding hands at a medical detox centerMedical detox Portland Maine has many benefits. One of them is that people have a higher success rate for recovery after visiting a medical detox facility. The main reason is the strong foundation that it builds for rehab.

Another benefit is that medical detox makes the entire process less painful. Most of the time, detox doesn’t cause life-threatening symptoms. However, a medical detox center can keep painful symptoms to a minimum.

Also, detoxing at a Portland Maine medical detox center means that people are less likely to relapse. When trying to detox at home, the pain is usually too great to handle. People end up taking drugs again just to make the pain go away. These medical detox locations are drug-free, so people don’t have access to drugs to relapse.

Who Needs Medical Detox?

It’s true that not everyone requires medical detox. Some people can detox from drugs naturally without much of an issue if their addiction is mild.

However, most people need help from a medical detox center, especially when detoxing without medications can cause great harm. For example, alcohol withdrawal can cause life-threatening side effects. In such situations, not seeking medical detox puts people’s lives at risk.

Despite that, the success of a medical detox program greatly depends on their willingness to change. For example, those who are afraid of experiencing discomfort might want to get medical detox.

Detox Alone Isn’t a Cure

While detoxing is important, it alone isn’t enough. People also have to undergo rehab. Detox just helps them get through the withdrawal process. It doesn’t do anything to address the source of addiction.

In order to ensure that addiction doesn’t pop back up, people have to overcome the cause. After they visit a medical detox center, they need to enroll in a rehab program. Together, these programs give them the best chance for recovery.

Thankfully, rehab centers in Portland, Maine, also offer detox services. This means that people can get the best of both worlds from one location. Such facilities make it easier for them to beat addiction once and for all.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center Can Help

Do you want a rehab center that also offers medical detox services? Consider getting help at Liberty Bay Recovery Center. We offer some of the best addiction therapy services Portland Maine has to offer. We strive to create custom treatment options so that you can get the help that you need.

In order to create a customized plan, Liberty Bay Recovery uses a variety of services. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t let the fear of detoxing keep you from kicking your drug addiction to the curb. Find out if a medical detox center is right for you. Reach out to Liberty Bay Recovery Center today at 855-607-8758 to start the detox process.