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Detox in Portland, ME

Liberty Bay Recovery offers a safe and discreet setting for taking the first step in your recovery — detox. At our Portland, Maine, center we have a proven record of managed withdrawal and rehab that helps addicts begin a new, sober life.

Many of those who are addicted to alcohol, opiates and other narcotics hope to be cured of their addictions with a single detox and rehab experience. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Without the tools to cope with life events in a healthier way, people often relapse. This is how the cycling in and out of rehab unfolds. The road to recovery is long and requires a lifelong commitment rather than a quick solution.

For many addicts, the thought of going through detox is enough to keep them trapped in their addictions. Helping people safely and effectively withdraw from drugs requires exceptional oversight from qualified medical and mental health professionals. The individual will experience a variety of emotional and physical symptoms, such as mood swings, nausea, headaches, excessive sweating and more serious problems. Our detox program provides the person with the safety and security of having an experienced physician available to monitor the progress and administer medications when necessary. Our psychotherapists also participate to help alleviate any emotional issues that arise as the effects of the drugs wear off.

What Should I Expect from Detox?

The reason that detox is necessary for your recovery is that the drugs must be removed from your system. Once this happens, you are better able to engage in the recovery process. If drugs are still masking your emotions, we cannot provide the necessary tools for coping with day-to-day life and any unexpected situations that arise. Additionally, if you do not remove the drugs from your system during detox, your body is still dependent upon them to function.

Detox at Liberty Bay Recovery

Because we understand the importance of detox and having a safe, discreet place to go through the process, we have designed our detox center to provide you with a comfortable and private setting that facilitates detox and recovery. The Liberty Bay Recovery Detox Program includes:

  • Medical detox for men and women
  • Full nurse staffing 24 hours per day
  • Meals prepared in a commercial kitchen on site to provide nutrition that helps with the detox process
  • Single, private rooms
  • 2:1 bathroom ratio
  • Physician on staff
  • 6 am – 10 pm admission

What Happens in Detox?

You will remain in our detox program for three to seven days, and a 14-day residential component is integrated into your daily routine. Your physical and emotional well-being are our top priority, so you will never feel as if you are going through withdrawal alone. Our physician and mental health staff are always available to provide medications, counseling and other interventions to ensure that you successfully detox from drugs and alcohol.

Why is Managed Withdrawal Important?

Managed withdrawal that is supervised by a physician is the best solution for people who are addicted to drugs that have the greatest physiological effects on the body, such as alcohol, heroin and benzos. Withdrawing from these drugs can put the body into a state of shock, and the symptoms may trigger emotional episodes. Additionally, those who are addicted to these types of drugs typically have a history of emotional trauma, and problems can arise as these issues come to the surface. Psychological addiction treatment usually begins before the person is completely drug-free and taken off the detox medication. Recovering heroin addicts often take the drug methadone once a day or buprenorphine every other day to help with the physical and emotional effects of detox.

Finding the right dosage is a process because each person and addiction is different. Once the correct dosage is determined, you will maintain the dosage for a period of time before the dosage is decreased. This allows for these medications as well as the drugs to be completely eliminated from your body before beginning rehab. Your physician will monitor your symptoms and adjust the dosage as needed.

Tips for Success in Detox

If you are considering detox and rehab, you may be wondering how to best approach the opportunity.

  • You should not leave the treatment program until your physician releases you. Patients who build the longest-lasting success at Liberty Bay Recovery, and therefore have the best chances of not relapsing, are those who stayed at our facility long enough to build a solid foundation of coping skills and tools. If you leave before we recommend, you increase the likelihood of relapsing and having to go through detox and rehab more than once.
  • Invest in your success. You are going to have to work hard to be successful in any rehab facility and in life.
  • Trust the process. You may not always understand the reason for counseling and other treatments, but you can trust that our physician and mental health staff have the expertise you need to be a recovering addict and have live a healthier lifestyle. Be open minded to the process and any recommended treatments.
  • Don’t go it alone. Never try to wean yourself off drugs or alcohol on your own. When you quit a substance “cold turkey,” you are not only setting yourself up for relapse, but also placing your physical and mental health at risk. You should only go through the detox process under the supervision of a qualified detox physician who can monitor your physical and emotional health. Because these drugs are highly addictive, the chances of relapse and serious complications can be severe when you try to fight addiction alone.
  • Listen to your physician’s recommendations. Work with your physician rather than against your physician. Our physicians have worked with hundreds of people going through detox, and each addiction is different. This range of experience means that your physician understands how to best support you. This may also reduce the amount of time that you have to go through detox. When your physician tells you to rest, you should rest. When your physician tells you to drink more water or eat certain foods, it is only to help facilitate detox rather than being critical or overbearing.
  • Be courteous to staff and other patients. You will meet a lot of people in detox who are going through the same process as you. Everyone goes through a range of emotions during this stressful time, and being considerate and courteous helps everyone. You may even find some new friends to help you with sober living.
  • Be honest with your counselors and physicians. Let them know if you have any medical or mental health concerns. We cannot help if we do not know what you are experiencing. Even share things that may seem insignificant or unimportant because knowledge is power, and we are ultimately here for you and your recovery.

Drugs That Require Focused Detox

Some drug withdrawals are more severe than others when it comes to detox. The following drugs should only be weaned out of your system under close supervision from a professional doctor and counselor:

  • Heroin – creates a euphoric high that includes drowsiness and sedative side effects. Withdrawal symptoms can start within 24 hours of the last high and usually last for a week. People detoxing from heroin can have symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, chills, runny nose, watery eyes, yawning, and nausea.
  • Alcohol – a sedative that can lead to coma and death. Like heroin, alcohol’s withdrawal symptoms start 24 hours from the last time the alcohol levels have decreased in the bloodstream. They can last for a week. Physical symptoms include a hike in blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate, which is why doctor supervision is preferred. Those going through withdrawal symptoms might experience seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and risk of death.
  • Benzodiazepines

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