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Although it can be an emotionally challenging experience, your call to Liberty Bay Recovery is likely the first step on the road to recovery. Whether you are calling for a loved one or for yourself, our highly trained admissions staff understands how distressing this decision can be and are readily available to assist you in any way they can.

At Liberty Bay Recovery, we know that alcohol and drug abuse often creates a destructive and seemingly irrevocable downward spiral. The resulting personal crisis can motivate you to call us for help. Often, a call to a rehabilitation center is a desperate, last resort. Although you may feel hopeless or worried, we have handled many phone calls by people just like you.

In your initial conversation, you will be encouraged to share any information about the history of abuse and other behaviors that will be helpful in determining whether or not treatment is needed, and most importantly, which type of treatment.

You will be asked to provide some demographic information, as well as questions regarding the state of your physical and emotional health and your support network. Your financial resources and health insurance coverage, if any, will also be discussed, so having your health insurance information available is a plus.

Generally, after the initial phone call, an in-depth admissions assessment is conducted in person at the recovery center. Occasionally, this can be done over the telephone. This assessment, which takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, gathers the information that is necessary to prepare for a new admission into our program.

If it is determined that you or your loved one requires treatment, you will be offered admission to one of our programs. If you agree, the admission will proceed, and you will be provided with a contract for service. We understand that this is a difficult time, but we can assure you and your family that Liberty Bay Recovery is dedicated to meeting your needs and helping you through this stage of your life.

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