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No matter who you are, addiction to drugs or alcohol is guaranteed to do substantial damage to your finances, your relationships, and your physical and mental health. It can even kill you. That being said, addiction does uniquely affect each person. It also impacts the genders differently. That’s why many men can benefit from the male-centered focus they will find at a men’s rehab center.

Factors Common to All Addictions

a man smiles during his time at a mens rehab center Portland Maine trustsIf you’re searching for a men’s rehab center, chances are you at least have an inkling of a problem with addiction. If you are thinking of calling a men’s rehab center Portland Maine offers, first see if you recognize yourself in this list of symptoms:

  • You have lied, cheated or stolen to get drugs or alcohol
  • It takes more of your drug of choice to feel the effects
  • When you go without the drug, you crave it or feel sick
  • You have isolated yourself from friends and activities because of the drug
  • You are experiencing health, financial, job or relationship problems because of the drug

These are just some of the red flags that can indicate that you have a severe problem with alcohol, heroin, cocaine, opiates or other substances. Receiving help from a Portland Maine rehab facility is definitely an option you should seriously consider pursuing.

Gender-specific Issues That Men Face

Any high-quality men’s rehab center staff is familiar with the particular challenges that guys encounter when it comes to addiction. For one thing, men are expected to be the strong, silent providers who should never appear needy or vulnerable. With these expectations, guys can find it very difficult to ask for assistance from a men’s rehab Portland Maine facility. Because of the same cultural expectations, males often experience a mental illness that goes undiagnosed. This becomes a factor that makes getting help from a men’s rehab center as well as ongoing sobriety particularly challenging.

Like it or not, men are often not as keyed into relationships as are their female counterparts. Establishing and cultivating close bonds with healthy people is vital if someone is to find lasting recovery. Therefore, this needs to be the focus of the treatment received at a men’s rehab center Portland Maine offers. It is these close ties to family, friends, and other sober individuals that furnish the foundation for health and help men to both resist relapsing and to rebound from it if it does occur.

How Liberty Bay Recovery Center Provides the Tools for Sobriety

Men who are struggling with addiction can have difficulty in their relationships. They may also resist the realization that they are powerless to control their substance use disorder without help from a men’s rehab center. At Liberty Bay Recovery Center, our compassionate staff members understand exactly what challenges you face as a man with a substance use problem. In fact, many Liberty Bay Recovery Center professionals are in recovery themselves.

We understand the particular struggles you face and are here to help by offering a full array of services. They include the following:

  • Fully supervised medical detox
  • Residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs
  • Individual, group, and 12-step programs that help you get to the root of your addiction
  • Ongoing focus on life skills, healthy relationships, sobriety challenges, and avoiding relapse
  • Follow-up and alumni support for graduates
  • Convenient location less than a mile from downtown Portland, Maine

Liberty Bay Recovery is the premier men’s rehab Portland Maine offers. If compassion, expertise, results, and lasting recovery are what you want, call our men’s rehab center today at 855-607-8758 to get on the path to your new, healthy life.