Substance use disorders are increasingly common among adolescents. 28% of young people have consumed alcohol by the time they enter eighth grade. If you or an adolescent that you know is struggling with addiction, we are here to provide you with information about a high-quality and effective adolescent addiction treatment center in Portland, Maine. We utilize an evidence-based approach to help young adults recover from substance use disorders. The Liberty Bay Recovery Center is a therapeutic community designed to quickly and effectively change maladaptive and addictive behaviors using motivational interventions and an array of different therapies.

Liberty Bay Recovery Center provides a wide variety of addiction recovery services to treat a multitude of addictions and co-occurring disorders. This assures that every client receives the highest level of care and gets as much as they can out of their individualized treatment plan. Please know that there is no shame in asking for help; it takes strength and courage to do so. You and your loved ones are not alone in your battle with addiction.

What is Adolescent Addiction?

Adolescent addiction is a serious health concern that you must address for a plethora of reasons. One of the many reasons being that “compared to people in other age groups, adolescents are at the highest risk for experiencing health problems related to substance use.” This is primarily due to the fact that an adolescent’s brain and body are in a critically important and pivotal stage of development. Consequently, the adolescent’s developing brain and body are especially susceptible to the devastating damage that can occur with the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. However, it is often not too late to reverse these effects, especially among young people. You can take the first steps toward doing so by reaching out to a qualified adolescent treatment program, such as Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, ME., for help. Learn more by reading the information below.

A boy sits with a therapist discussing adolescent addiction treatment program in portland meLevels of Care Offered by the Liberty Bay Recovery Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center in Portland, ME

The Liberty Bay Recovery Center, which offers teen addiction treatment in Portland ME., features the following levels of care:

Types of Therapy Utilized by the Liberty Bay Recovery Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center in Portland, ME

The Liberty Bay Recovery Center offers a wide variety of research-based therapies shown to be effective in treating addiction, including the following:

Important Information About the Liberty Bay Recovery Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center in Portland, ME

Why should you choose the Liberty Bay Recovery Center, and how does our treatment approach stand out among those utilized by other addiction recovery centers? The following list details several among the many benefits of seeking treatment at the Liberty Bay Recovery Center:

  • Evidence-based therapeutic community model
  • Healthy and nutritional meals and snacks
  • Beautiful and luxurious state-of-the-art facilities and accommodations
  • Highly-qualified, exceptionally understanding and helpful staff
  • Experienced and empathetic counselors, many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Unique, humanized treatment approach that features a variety of options and evidence-based therapies

The longer that addictive behaviors go untreated, the worse they often become many times resulting in life-long damage or death. The good news is that life-saving help is only one phone call away. We know how difficult taking the first step toward recovery can be because approximately 80% of our staff members are recovering addicts themselves. The qualified staff and counselors at Liberty Bay Recovery Center understand what you are going through.

Please know that there is always hope for recovery and a better tomorrow. You do not have to allow addiction to consume your life or the lives of the people that you love. If you are looking for high-quality, reputable, and successful teen addiction treatment in Portland ME., Liberty Bay Recovery Center is an excellent option. Click on the following link to the Liberty Bay Recovery Center FAQ page for more information about staff qualifications, program costs, success rates, aftercare, and more.

If you or a loved one need assistance with recovering from a substance abuse disorder, please don’t wait. Call the Liberty Bay Recovery Center located in Portland, Maine at 855.607.8758 today.