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Our female residents receive:

  • Individualized Treatment Plans – Individualized treatment plans are unique for each person, and name their specific strengths, challenges and needs so we can serve them most effectively.
  • One-On-One Counseling – Each individual participates in one-on-one counseling with a trained and trusted therapist once per week. This allows them to work through their personal difficulties and to build a trusting relationship with a trained staff member.
  • Co-Ed Group Therapy Twice Per Day – Liberty Bay Recovery accepts male and female clients, and they all participate in group therapy together twice per day. In the real world, recovery isn’t split into groups by gender. Our co-ed sessions delete the barrier between genders so all clients can understand each other, acknowledge the gender-based experiences that may differ from person to person, and work on recovering together. This experience will surely be useful upon their departure from our program.
  • Women’s-Only Groups – While it’s important that our residents participate in co-ed group therapy, it’s also important to us that we provide our female residents with women-only spaces. This allows them to find community with other women who have struggled with addiction, as well as share their gender-based experiences freely, knowing that others can and will personally connect with their stories. This allows our female clients to find strength in the community they will undoubtedly find here, as well as outside of our treatment facility once they complete the program.
  • Women’s-Only AA Meetings – We also provide our female residents with women’s-only AA meetings out in the community twice per week. This allows our female residents to meet other recovering women in the community. Often, this is where our female residents will find their sponsors. It’s important to us that we help our female clients to foster meaningful relationships with other women in the community.
  • Access to a Gym, Yoga Classes, and Rock Climbing – Liberty Bay provides access to EVO Rock & Gym for all of our female clients, which includes services such as a gym, yoga classes, and rock climbing. We encourage our residents to step outside of their comfort zone, as they often do in groups, and to try something new. We also coordinate one outdoor activity per week. We find value in showing residents that life can still be fun and exciting while sober, that there are benefits to taking care of your body through physical exercise, and that outdoor adventuring can be incredibly therapeutic and a great coping strategy.
  • Weekly Shopping – Our female residents go shopping once per week, which they are put in charge of doing. House managers transport them to and from the store, and may provide some guidance when needed. Individuals, by house, write out a weekly budget and decide what they will buy with the money they’re given. This teaches our residents the basic life skills of how to budget for food and how to buy responsibly. They are given no leeway to go over in their budget, so they must make responsible choices.
  • Weekly Gift Cards: Each week our female residents are given gift cards, worth more or less depending on their behavior, to spend on toiletries, special food, or other approved items that they desire, outside of what they’re normally provided. The privilege of the weekly gift cards is earned through good behavior and work done over the week.
  • Structured Sober Living Environment – Shoreline Homes provides a safe sober living environment for all of our residents. At their residences, all individuals perform daily chores, cook and eat meals together, and have meetings within their small, individual-residence community. This provides them with responsibility, as well as a sense of a trusted community, comfort, and an opportunity to learn basic life skills, which they can utilize upon their completion of our program.