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Being addicted to alcohol or drugs presents an enormous challenge, and the process of overcoming it can be long and difficult. Experts estimate that approximately one out of every 12 American adults struggles with alcohol addiction. Meanwhile, around 8 percent of Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to drugs. While addiction sufferers often feel alone in their struggle, it’s not something they have to face without help. At Liberty Bay Recovery in Portland, Maine, they can find the support and information they need to start on the path to recovery.

What You’ll Find at Liberty Bay Recovery

Liberty Bay Recovery offers a wide array of resources and support that addicts need to begin their lives anew. Here are some of the features and services that are provided by our facility:

A Supportive and Understanding Staff

Luxurious facilities and a strong focus on comfort can go a long way toward an individual’s successful recovery, but our supportive and understanding staff are truly the cornerstone of our addiction recovery program. All of the members of our team share the same set of values. They’re passionate about what they do, they care deeply, and they display professionalism. They are also former addicts. This feature is what enables our staff to relate and empathize so well with individuals. The ability to offer support as someone who has been through the same struggle is what allows them to give care and understanding whenever it’s needed, which you won’t find at most other recovery facilities.

A Kitchen with Nutritional Meals

A common complication of not only substance addiction but also incorrectly done or self-performed recovery attempts is nutritional deficiency. For this reason, Liberty Bay Recovery features a modern, fully outfitted on-site kitchen to provide patients with wholesome, nutritious snacks and meals. Returning to a state of good health following substance addiction requires much more than simply giving up your old, unhealthy habits. It’s also essential to replace those old habits with healthy ones such as exercising and eating well. Our facility puts a strong emphasis on helping patients make these changes while they’re here and stick to them.

A Humanized Approach to Treatment

Most other addiction treatment centers have an extremely institutionalized atmosphere and policy. Here at Liberty Bay Recovery, we take a different approach. Individuals are not made to wear hospital gowns, and we provide on-site laundry facilities. This allows recovering addicts to maintain not only their comfort but also their appearance and dignity.

Each individual’s room is outfitted with luxurious and comfortable furnishings, and everyone is provided with ample space for belongings such as photos, knick-knacks, and houseplants. Our goal is to provide as relaxing an environment as possible while also ensuring comfort to the fullest possible extent.

Counseling from People Who Care

Counseling is a critical part of successful addiction recovery. Our facility gives individuals the option of both individual and group counseling while they’re here. However, because we know that overcoming an addiction is a lifelong process, we strive to ensure that individuals are armed with a detailed plan for getting back to their normal lives, sans drugs and alcohol. Our counselors and advisers collaborate with individuals to make sure they understand the necessary steps for achieving both their short- and long-term goals. Liberty Bay Recovery understands that our job is to do everything in our power to help individuals steer clear of the devastatingly frequent instances of relapse that a lot of people experience following recovery treatment.

Addiction presents a significant hurdle to get past, and although it can feel impossible, it’s well within your reach. Furthermore, as our staff understands well, it’s not a hurdle you have to jump alone. Liberty Bay Recovery wants to support you along the path to recovery. If you’re prepared to make the changes to your life that you deserve, please contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Story Of Jaz & Nate

Jasmine started drinking heavily when she left home for college. By age 21, she was shipped from Bar Harbor, Maine to a treatment facility in Prescott, Arizona. My story started at the end of high school; after graduation, I began drinking and using drugs heavily. After several arrests and multiple felonies, I was brought 50 miles north of where I grew up, to Prescott, Arizona to seek help as well.

Jasmine and I met in the rooms of alcoholics anonymous, but we became close through our shared work at a restaurant. Our first date was almost 10 years ago; we went to see the movie Brokeback Mountain. We approached our relationship uniquely—waiting 3 months to have our first kiss and 6 months to become physically intimate. We were happy and comfortable taking our relationship slowly and patiently.

After 8 months, we moved into a crappy, 2-bedroom apartment together. We had done well staying sober and saved enough money to put a down payment on a condo. At age 24, Jasmine and I bought our first house. Through this journey, Jasmine and I were also attending 12-step meetings every day, working full-time and attending community college. Jasmine received her associate degree in nursing, and I received my associate in business administration, both from Yavapai College in Arizona.

An important part of my story is that I wasn’t originally honest about my sobriety date. After three years sober, I came clean and revealed my true sobriety date which was a weight off my shoulders and made my recovery process feel more authentic.

Upon graduating from community college, Jasmine got a job working for a billing company, which started with three people. That company now has close to 80 employees and is succeeding tremendously. After I received my associate degree, I continued in school to get my bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northern Arizona University. After many failed attempts to work for corporations, I decided to get into the addiction treatment field. I started as a group counselor but quickly realized that wasn’t right for me, and decided I wanted to do outdoor adventure therapy and clinical assessment. I was presented with the opportunity to become a lead admission specialist at a treatment center, and was offered full-time employment with them after excelling at my work.

Jasmine and I got engaged on June 26th, 2010 at the peak of Mingus Mountain in Arizona as the full moon rose over the Verde Valley. It was beautiful, spectacular and couldn’t have been more perfect. We got married exactly two years later, on June 26th, 2012 in Northeast Harbor, Maine—within the area that Jasmine was born and raised. Our wedding was amazing; our friends and family traveled from all over the country just to be a part of the celebration.

A year later, we decided it was time to start thinking about having a child. Two years later, in 2014, Jasmine and I found out she was pregnant and that she was due in January of 2015. This encouraged me to quit smoking which I followed through with for 8 whole months. At that point, I was in a state of flux as I left the company I had been working for, which had me driving 100 miles per day, and decided to open and become a partner of a private institution.

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That business deal fell apart, leaving me feeling lost and clueless as to where to go from there. I was continuously encouraged by family and friends to open a treatment center, and began to explore that option. In December of 2014, I visited Portland, Maine and began to search for a good location for Liberty Bay Recovery.

After a very successful trip to Portland, I came back home and we decided as a family to move there from Arizona. Everyone thought we were crazy, because Portland was experiencing one of the worst winters on record, but I had my Higher Power guiding me the entire way.

On January 1st, 2015, we officially created Liberty Bay Recovery Center. Throughout the entire month of January, I spent time writing policy and procedure for 6-8 hours daily. We also had lots of family in town in preparation for our son, Remington’s arrival, who was due any day.

On January 13th, we went to the hospital to induce labor, as Remy was overdue and ready to make his appearance. The next day, we were the proud parents of a beautiful 7lb 5oz baby boy; he is the best thing to ever happen to us and we are blessed to have him.

Throughout the month of February, Jasmine was dealing with severe postpartum depression while I was packing up our entire 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-car garage house and trying to figure out the locations for our home and business—we were originally going to open Liberty Bay in South Portland, but that opportunity fell through, so we ended up finding a new place on Forest Ave in Portland. I found a home through Craigslist that was close to the location of our new business, and we snatched it up even though the rent was about 70% more than it was in Arizona.

I held my trust in the process, and on March 4th, 2015, Jasmine, Remington, myself and our two dogs hit the road for two whole weeks as we traveled across the country. Along the way, we stopped to visit family members and attended an AA meeting while traveling through Ohio. This journey was extremely stressful, largely because of how long we were stuck so close to each other, but also because of the events we had to coordinate along the way. We arrived at Portland, Maine on March 16, 2015, and from the moment we walked into the house, Jasmine and I felt that we had made a terrible mistake. There was no furniture, it was 30 degrees outside, there were multiple feet of snow still on the ground, and the house smelled like lacquer. We were scared that it wouldn’t end up working out.

In April of 2015, we had our state survey and passed inspection. On May 4th, we officially opened Liberty Bay Recovery. It was an emotional time, as I was still feeling uncertain about how things would go. However, we received our first client on May 16th, and by the end of May, our first house was completely full.

During this time, Jasmine put in a lot of hard work and became a huge asset for the company. At the same time, I was dealing with severe depression and experiencing bolts of possible bipolar. As time went on, I found medication that worked for me and Liberty Bay continued to grow. Our business now has four houses; three houses are for men and one is for women. We are extremely blessed to be in Portland, Maine and to be giving Maine people the treatment that they deserve for substance abuse. Our goals in the future are limitless—so long as we remain sober, trust God, clean house, and help others.

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