Drug and Alcohol Recovery in Portland, Maine

Liberty Bay Recovery, located in the coastal, scenic city of Portland, Maine, mirrors the calming atmosphere of its tranquil surroundings in its approach to treating drug and alcohol dependency. Our renowned recovery center offers a home-like setting for residents with a humanistic approach towards treatment. Each resident is treated individually with respect and given the kind of therapeutic attention conducive to independent living that strives towards sustained recovery from addiction. In the process, residents familiarize themselves with addiction issues in a manner that enables them to cope safely with destructive behaviors while at the center and, more importantly, when reintroduced into their lives outside of residential treatment.

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Liberty Bay Recovery is nationally recognized as a leading rehabilitation center. Our approach to recovery maximizes success ratios. Each resident is treated with dignity and respect in a home-like voluntary setting. Our facility minimizes a distinctly clinical approach toward rehabilitation; residents adorn their every-day clothing, and the staff treats residents with respect and dignity, facilitating a warm and friendly environment while striving towards living free from dependency.

What Your Addiction Has Cost

Recovery is Free!

First steps when you enter our facility include the following:

  • Settling in and becoming familiar with our environment.
  • Meeting staff to assure initial comfort.
  • Initial appointment with our Medical Director that will include a discussion of detox medication, lab work to be ordered, comfort medications and medical treatment plan that will help address your needs.

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Treatment Plans at Liberty Bay Recovery

Initially, we devise a comprehensive treatment program for the individual to confront addiction and to promote recovery in the safest environment possible. Individual and group therapy sessions enable residents to recognize behaviors that trigger self-destructive actions. We’re not mired entirely in theory, however, as we believe in promoting behaviors and actions that put healthy theoretical approaches to use practically. We teach residents tactics to avoid high-risk situations and to successfully manage societal pressures, situations, and behaviors that generate and promote anger. While we offer a safe environment for detoxification and a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we also discuss post acute withdrawal in working towards a long-term plan for sobriety.


While addicted individuals typically and eagerly await quitting destructive behaviors, most fear withdrawal. Fear alone of withdrawal usually keeps the addict from seeking treatment. Our staff is uniquely qualified in helping residents overcome these fears, as many of them are themselves in recovery and can adeptly assist with providing frank insight into their own experiences with withdrawal. Obviously, withdrawal can be difficult, but we minimize its effects by assuring safety in the detoxification process and promoting our humanistic approach toward treating the addict withdrawing from drugs or alcohol.

Life at Our Resident Center

Just as choosing the right facility is vital to your recovery, knowing the type of setting you’ll experience at our facility is essential. You can expect the following at our facility:

  • Warm, inviting rooms spacious enough for your personal belongings.
  • A full-service, on-site kitchen offering nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. Nourishment revitalizes the malnourishment associated with an addict’s life, and as sobriety and nourishment are symbiotic, our priority is on proper nutrition.
  • Economic budgeting skills and other basic life skills are reviewed and reintroduced into the recovering addict’s life.
  • Recovery often demands dual treatment plans that deal not only with addiction but also with depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and vivid memory recall of past emotional or physical abuse.
  • Our comprehensive treatment program is designed to revitalize both the body and the mind.
  • Reintegration techniques designed to meet life’s challenges back in society key our successes toward recovery.

Located in the beautiful and scenic coastal city of Portland, Maine, Liberty Bay Recovery is a nationally recognized substance abuse treatment facility, providing alcohol and drug rehabilitation services to men and women. The goal of the professionals at Liberty Bay Recovery is to rebuild the health of individuals and their loved ones by treating the body, mind, and spirit. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

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Liberty Bay is led by a highly regarded team of addiction treatment experts who are passionate about improving the lives of those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.

Nathan Cermelj, BBA
Owner/Program Director
Jasmine Cermelj, RN
Owner/Director of Admin Operations
Scott Davis, M.D.
Medical Director
Lynn Avigo
Clinical Director and LADC
Erin Lovejoy
Leslie Briggs
Admissions Coordinator
Teresa Cobb
Director of Recovery Support Staff
Ron Smith
Clinical Therapist and LADC
Bryan Rosa
Recovery Support Staff and Med Tech
Chris Miner
Support Staff
Lara Nordenson
Yoga Instructor
Damien Gilbert
Support Staff
Sam Hines
Recovery Support Staff/CRMA
Support Staff
Jeremy Vermilyea
Briana R.
Administrative Lead
Jessica Meehan
Haley Smith
Recovery Support Staff
Diamond Morrill
Support Staff

  • "Family weekend was great and we got a lot out of it. We also got to have a Saturday night sleepover which was a very special treat for all of us."" - Andrea D.
  • "I just wanted to thank everybody at Liberty Bay for the family weekend. I found it very informative and very constructive."" - Fred W.
  • "Liberty Bay has changed my life. When I arrived I was a man of dishonesty, deceit, and fearful to be who I am. I learned to tell the truth, stand for something, how to be a leader, and most importantly, how to help others and be grateful for the things…" - Slade M.
  • “Liberty Bay has given me the tools to help myself and others. The staff has taught me right living, helped me to see my blind spots and showed me the meaning of gratitude. If I could tell anyone thinking about coming in I would say that Liberty Bay has loved…" - Dylan K.
  • “Liberty Bay came through for us at a time when we were desperate. It was clear from the beginning that they cared – they really cared and we could feel that. My daughter is on the road to recovery as a result. We cannot thank all of you enough.”" - Mike R.
  • "I cannot say enough positive about the people here and the work that they do. You are all angels doing the work that you do. Amazing!! I have learned so much and am so grateful that my brother is here - So grateful Nate called him back - FATE. Thank…" - Tracey K.
  • "This was a very effective and informative family weekend -- it brought up key personal problems and issues that I need to work on -- not just my son, but family issues. Pointing out key information that I did not realize was a huge part of the weekend for me.…" - Valerie M.
  • "Thank you for not giving up on me. I was ready to quit lots of times and the staff was always there to talk and help me get my head straight. I have over 90 days clean and am transitioning to sober living and can't wait to get to started…" - Tyler W.
  • "I can tell you it was a very intense, emotional and informative experience. Liberty Bay is an exceptional recovery facility. The staff is very professional. Most have a past history of alcohol/chemical dependency. Just listening to them, you sense they have the educational and dependency background that is needed to…" - John R.
  • "I just want to express how wonderful both Lynn and Ron were during family therapy. The insight and getting to the heart of the issues was impressive to watch and experience. My take away was that you are doing “good work” at Liberty Bay."" - Ann A.